360 Video Review: Discount & HUGE Bonus

360 video example

360 video example

Video is something that is taking over almost all social media platforms! From Facebook who included the video profile picture concept, to Instagram lengthening their Video times. Even applications like Vine or SnapChat that are almost completely video based. As you can clearly see, video is not only wearing the crown of relevance but sitting in the throne of having that hold on the social media market. Pictures will always their place, but video presents something, Images can’t really do entirely; boosted interaction. See, video has the ability to make the viewer feel like they are a part of whatever is going on within it, rather than giving their brain the extra energies into visualizing the situation/event that would have lead to the snapping of a picture. As a business owner/entrepreneur/freelancer, Video is one of the best ways to maximize your business and target market reach. Within a few seconds or even minutes you can relay what your brand or service is all about. As we live in a time where humans are becoming more and more dependent on technology, it’s more expedient that you feed their desires by presenting an ease in the process of accessing your business information.
However, I’m not going to give you a way of walking with the greats in the video advertising kingdom, but a method that will allow you to take your place at the helm and in the throne of it. How? I’m happy you asked! I’m going to give you the game changing, insider information regarding one of the hottest products to launch! The 360 Video.
So take your time and absorb all the information I’ll be sending your way in just a few minutes, with this solid 360 Video Review.

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What is the 360 Video Technology?

Now the general 360 degree Video concept has been launched since 2011, but was still being perfected. The developers of our 360 Video Technology hit the highest mark with this software! It’s now more affordable than any other software on a discount and boasts of offering a completely immersive technology, geared specifically for those in the business niche, who desire to transform the way a viewer interacts with their videos.
Be it:
Live or Post Production
Video on demand
Online training sessions/ Online Classes or even Seminars
Virtual tours or even other video production applications.
All in all, blowing the minds of your targets/clients, drawing them, in such way they don’t feel like their only being presented with your product/service, but are able to feel like they’re a live and direct part of the entire process. Why? Because this allows your viewers to have complete control of everything they see in the video or stream! The bonus of this is, you don’t have to waste extra time moving your camera to show anything. Give the direction and allow them to move the video to follow along with you!

What are the features of the 360 Video Technology?

This is a technology that takes the 360 degree concept and placing it within a platform simple enough to be used by anyone! It can increase your product exposure, allowing you to possibly tap into cold markets (people who knew nothing about your product or brand) gaining new targets; therefore increasing sales!
Just as the 3D movie arena has boosted the sales with some movies, due to heightening the level of interaction included, 360 Video will revolutionize your video advertising world!

Are you hyped yet? Well, there’s more! Some of the features it has includes:

Automatically stitch and create 360 degree videos
Automatically stitch and create 360 degree images
Drag and drop interface and timeline
Supports .mp4 and .mov video formats
Supports .jpg and .png formats
Fully compatible with YouTube and Facebook
Includes a custom 360 video player
Synchronize motion and audio
And just incase you run into any issues, we have a 24/7 Customer Support available, poised and ready to answer any question or troubleshoot any technical issue you may be experiencing. We want to help you achieve your set business/personal goals, and maximize on the positive avenues, held within the fantastic opportunity that is Social Media! So stand back and watch your global reach expand! You can record your seminars, webinars even do presentations with this software. The simple interface, makes it very user friendly! As noted above, simply drag, drop, stitch and post on your social media platforms/websites! Simple as that!

This technology hasn’t yet seen nor been utilized in the Internet Marketing forum; but this is where you come in! We want you to add this success building technology into your marketing and advertising arsenal as soon as it launches!

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Because we are so confident in our technology and the fact that it WILL work for you and your business, we want to give you an added edge; when you register for the 360 Video Launch day Webinar on the 14th of June 2016, you will automatically qualify for the Pre-Launch Bonus Package! This package includes a future upgrade discount, an affiliate link to help you spread the word about the launch (giving you the opportunity of being able to earn some sideline income, for every sign up you direct to the 360 Video Launch). You also get your own personal 360 Video Camera, the 360 Video technology, the 360 Video Complete Training Program and the 360 Video Hosting. See, if you’ve read everything in this 360 Video Review and you’re stoked to get your hands on this revolutionary technology, you should be even more excited about this part!
The more sign ups you get, makes you completely eligible for any one of our Cash Prizes!! The Grand Prize being $10,000! Yes! You read correctly! If you’re truly business oriented, you’d know, that is a most beneficial $10,000 investment you can put into your advertising account or boost your business however you’d like! If you’d prefer to take a vacation and enjoy your prize, then there is no judgment there! It all boils down to us desiring to see you grow, and stand on the pinnacles of success you’re dreaming about. We’re giving you the complete opportunity to boost and completely transform your business like never before!
So will you accept this opportunity? Don’t merely read this 360 Video Review and take all this information in vain!
“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.” – Peter Drucker

Example of the technology


I hope this review has helped you. Don’t waste too much time looking for avenues to success, that you end up going in circles. We’re giving you a helping hand and launching you in the direction of financial growth. See you on the beaches of the world my friend! Take action!


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