Commercify Review: DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

commercify creators

commercify creators

As you know, we live and function in an age that is dominated by technology! Almost everything is becoming digitized. In the days of old, the newspaper, flyers, mailing cards and word of mouth, were the main avenues journeyed for the advertising or marketing your business or service! However, today starting a business or more so seeing it rise or fall is mainly dependent on your Digital standing. What does that mean? If you haven’t really capitalized on the use of the internet as a form of marketing, you’re behind my friend, WAY behind on making anywhere close to the income you deserve! Now I understand that there are just some people who simply prefer to do what they know, either for fear of taking a leap that may continue the financial plateau, or maybe because it is unfamiliar territory. Well, how about if I told you, there is a product that can literally do everything for you. All you need to do is get it. Would you be interested?

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Of course you would! Who wouldn’t be? If you’re still hesitant or unsure, let me share some mindblowing data with you. In the year 2000, a study was done that discovered an estimated 738 Million people were using the internet DAILY; fast forward to 15 years later and that number rose to 3.2 Billion! A staggering 3.2 BILLION people are online DAILY! Let’s break it down even further; 82% of that usage comes from Fully Developed countries, 43% from 3rd World Countries, 35% from Developing Countries and even 9% from Low Developed Countries! Those are the people you are capable of reaching and spreading word of your business too. Can you imagine the lives you could transform?

And I have the product just right for you to reach the world. Commercify!
I’m about to go in depth, and in vivid detail with the Commercify review; so hold on and keep your mind on your prize. Today, I’m giving you a method that will materialize your plans and desires. So, let’s get into it.

First things first, What is Commercify?

Commercify, is the brain child of Ricky Mataka & Nishant Bhardwaj. These two marketing geniuses, decided to combine their tactical advertising forces; to bring forth an opportunity, the world of Internet Market has NEVER seen before.
Having over 17 years in Software Development and being an Expert in the art of Sales, Ricky had only the desire to bring forth something to revolutionize his niche. Although, he honestly knew he couldn’t do it alone, and so he sought out the Super Selling Guru & Million dollar Facebook Marketer, Nishant Bhardwaj. Together they placed their years of experience and expertise into the engine of this dream and 2 years later, built the virtual marketing vehicle that would easily transport ANY business owner from A land of financial mediocrity to Better business exposure and elevation. The main idea behind Commercify, is to provide that done for you, one stop virtual shop for business owners, or even those who want to get their feet wet in world of sales. All you do is invest, and after following the tutorials apply the information taught, and watch the returns come in.

What does Commercify do exactly?

As mentioned before, everything will be done for you; from the setting up of your virtual store, to all the guidance necessary toward making it as effective as possible. Below are a list of all the things you get when you invest in this game changing program:

Proven Physical Products, T-Shirt Designs & a Great deal of other Assets To Use/Sell
(Each covering Hundreds Of Niches, so no one feels left out)

Advanced FB Ads Targeting Data Every Single Product will have individualized information necessary to reach the preferred market. So All you have to do is, literally Copy and Paste the information/data and keywords into your Ads And Make a Profit!

A Collection Of Professionally Designed And Highly Converting Images For Both your Virtual Store(s) & Advertising purposes.

100% Automated Fulfillment No need to worry about low inventory on your top products! We do all the ordering for you. As soon as certain products reach a particular amount, we re-stock. No sweat off your back; you just focus on making your sales.

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On Top Of All This, We will also Provide:

Our Proprietary 1 Click Shopify Catalog System Which Can Add Any Number Of Highly Sought After Products In Just One Click – Directly To your virtual Store!

Our Trending Modules These are designed to specifically help you, Pick Out Hot Selling Items And the Top Trending Products.

FB Ad Design & Copy Templates That have been proven by both Nishan and Ricky to have Brought them Over 5 Million Dollars In Sales In Just 2015 Alone!

Immersion Training By both Ricky Mataka and Nishan Bhardwaj ( Pros That Spend Over 6 Figures A Month On Ads) to boost your store’s effectivity.

But Wait! That’s not all!!

Register for the Launch and get your hands on a Bonus Pre-Launch Package; This includes a discount on your registration, as you’re an early bird sign up, an affiliate link – this gives you access to help spread the word about Commercify! The more people you get to sign up for the Launch on the 14th of June 2016, the more eligible you are for any one of the 10 Awesome Cash Prizes! Amounting to a heaping $40,000! The Grand Prize alone being $10,000! There is even $10,000 in Prizes and Discount items, set aside to be randomly given away as a Bonus for early bird Sign ups and also to Lucky people throughout the Launch period. (which ends on the 28th of June).


So as you can tell, This product is no mediocre idea! It holds a vision that will be seen come to life!

This Commercify review is only here to steer you and your business in the right direction! If I didn’t believe in this product (just by using the demo) I would not be as excited about sharing this information with you. This technology is going to change the world as we know it and you should be super excited for the launch of the Full thing!! Commercify is giving everyone an opportunity and a legal, legitimate opportunity to earn income from anywhere in the world!

What you do with this opportunity, is solely up to you; “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

I hope you found my commercify review beneficial. Take action!


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