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If I told you there was a way to make doing business online even easier, get a legitimate and credible flow of traffic while marketing and creating buzz about your brand, would you be interested? Of course you would! As we all know, the main aspect of any business is to get and keep clients. Anyone in the online marketing niche knows that TRAFFIC is what can seriously make you money or break your business before it even gets off the ground. So if you’re ready to get some wind beneath the wings of your business, keep on reading, because this review is for you.

Today, I present to you, iGloo! This software is the best of it’s kind and has been truly refined and optimized for the successes of your business(s). I come in and removes majority of the overwhelming burdens surrounding web page building and traffic generation, while adding an ease to the entire marketing process all at the same time. Without any further ado, let’s get into this iGloo App Review.

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So, What Is iGloo?

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Now I know that you’re curious as to what this software really is about. It sounds promising doesn’t it? Trust me, IT IS! So, let’s go in depth as to what the iGloo app is exactly capable of.
iGloo is basically a launch platform created specifically for entrepreneurs, online businesses and online companies. It’s geared mainly toward the propulsion of their online businesses.
iGloo comes with features like, a social contest system, which pretty much gives you the full capacity to generate a viral social media buzz, before and during your product/service launch. This therefore creates for you, an ongoing FLOOD of traffic, to give your business the necessary shove in the right direction. Imagine, launching your product and there are already people waiting to purchase! No need to go look for them after you’ve launched, you just need to ensure you have enough merchandise to be sold. This app pretty much does majority of the work for you, and similar to residual income, you can get residual traffic.
As mentioned before, it’s traffic that makes or breaks your business, so how could this be a bad deal?
Now, after you’ve created all the Social buzz, you would want to have a place to allow your leads to convert to purchases. That means you would need a professional looking landing/splash page as well as your selling page!
Luckily iGloo takes care of all these things for you with, by making available to you in the builder:

– JVzoo pages
– Up-sell pages /Discount pages
– Landing pages
– Thank you pages
– Bridge pages and more market boosting features.

iGloo was designed specifically to ensure it produces the most advanced and professional page builder to date; with the fastest front end drag & drop features on the market. You can either choose to build your page from scratch or if pressed for time or new to the builder experience, simply complete your personalized web page with any one of the fully customisable top notch templates. Templates that look like a professional web designer build it for you.
In a short this software is the digital holy grail of business apps and online marketing in this era! Yes, that is a big title, but iGloo definitely matches up to it and fits it well.

What Else Can iGloo Do?

Well, the developers of this app, Josh Ratta, Thomas Dolso and Mira Dobes figured, that an even better way to stir up buzz on social media about your product/service, is by introducing an affiliate feature. What does that mean? Well, here is where it gets good.
While creating your pages you actually have the option of adding your pre-launch pages onto your opt-in pages. Meaning, anyone who enters their email in hopes of receiving first hand information toward the release of your product/service, will additionally receive (as a form of thanks) their own personalized affiliate link. With that very link, they can share it around on social media; the more they share it on any of the social platforms/ refer sign ups, they get a certain amount of points, which can then be converted to special bonus prizes! So this system creates that digital word of mouth, definitely designed to keep additional traffic rolling in your way.

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Why Should I Try iGloo?

Firstly, what I wouldn’t use or purchase myself, I won’t dare recommend to anyone to try. So trust me when I tell you this iGloo App Review, is based solely on my first hand experience with the demo.
Secondly, if you have been in the online marketing game for sometime and you’re yet to see any decent returns, what does it hurt to try? With the iGloo app, Launching an online business AND generating legitimate, continuous traffic, (genuinely interested in what you have to offer) has never been easier. More so the developers of this incredible app, have a successful track record, having made over 16,000 affiliate sales on JVzoo, teachings several courses on Udemy and creating effective software like (Vimleo, Clickanimate etc). Clearly they know what they’re doing, and only want to share something as amazing and worthwhile as this with you and I.

The design of this software is truly spectacular and quite effective. Definitely stands with the best of the best, having the highest quality. There is NO chance of you seeing another product of this caliber being launched not just in Jvzoo marketplace, but anywhere else on the entire web.


I really hope you enjoyed this iGloo App Review as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! If you’re interested in trying it, you can check out the official website and leaving your contact information. You too can become an affiliate for their pre-launch promotion and be a part of the social media buzz! Start to rake in as much points as possible so when the launch date comes, you can get lucky with special prizes and bonuses! Get that first hand feel as to how your business can indeed thrive with iGloo.
So, on June 14th prepare to not only be amazed by the product itself, but see your business skyrocket into online success! Buy iGloo app now.


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