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Just people began to realize that Facebook is already too personal and it forces us to learn things about our friends that we really didn’t want to know, Luke Maguire and Anthony Morris created Live Leap and have made it even easier for our once closest friends to share their obnoxious details. The concept really does make you scratch your head. If you can share pictures, video, comments, and even documents worth of information, what use could Facebook possibly have for a syndication tool?

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What is Live Leap?

Live Leap is the first tool that Facebook has authorized from an outside company, which is pretty big in itself. To make it attract even more attention, this tool has the capability of using Facebook LIVE, which syndicates your news feed across your profile. Not only will you be able to keep up with your friends, but by simply linking your accounts together using Live Leap, you can check your Facebook, twitter, linked in, your email, and even what is going on with your cellphone.

Basically, Luke and Anthony turned Facebook into an infomercial rotisserie cooker, all you have to do is “set it and forget it.”

Even though Live Leap is meant to be used with Facebook, it is not owned by Facebook. The expected release date is June 8, 2016. For those who are ready to jump on a new program that can merge their social media accounts together and syndicate their information, the introductory discount price of $97 is a steal. You can also get a bonus from the creator’s website. For people who really enjoy their social media accounts, who could beat the ability to merge their accounts by purchasing a single program, get the program at a discount, and get a bonus with it?

Facebook Ups and Downs

Don’t get me wrong, since people no longer want to talk to their family and friends on the telephone or on their cell phones, it gives us a way to keep in touch and know what is going on with one another. When it was first released, Facebook was amazing. Over time, people began to use it more like a group therapy and less of a way to really keep in touch. This phase was great for the attention seekers. They blended right in and since so many people were doing it, they weren’t complained at constantly.

Facebook is Moving Up

Just like any piece of technology, people gain interest when something new becomes available and then the excitement dies out and the website becomes less popular. In an effort to avoid becoming the next Myspace, which refused to innovate and became an overnight memory, Facebook is constantly coming up with something to surprise its users, like Live Leap.

Before Live Leap will really make sense to anyone, let’s review who developed this new piece of software and then we will cover what it is capable of. Going in this order, the concept is sure to make more sense.

The Creators of Live Leap – Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

The creators of Live Leap are not strangers to developing sensational internet products. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the creators, Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison, no one would be giving this tool a second look.

These two guys are well known for working together as partners on several dozen projects that became best sellers almost instantly. Together, they created Viral Autobots, Socialbots, and Instamate, which have held their popularity over the years.

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 Truth About Most Live Leap Reviews

There are a select few prominent tech bloggers who have been given the chance to complete a hands on Live Leap review. However, these bloggers are extremely special and they have signed agreements with the creators limiting what they can reveal about the product.

Most of the Live Leap reviews you can find online are pretty much the same and appear to be a copy/paste job from one website to the next. However, we were able to determine some important facts by reading through the blogs of the “super special tech blogs” that have had the privilege to try it out.


– Live Leap will bring social media to a level it has never seen before.

– It is the first tool that was created outside of Facebook that will permit people to syndicate live feed from multiple social media sites across your Facebook newsfeed.

– It is the first tool that has ever been created to allow you to merge your email, text messages, and Facebook news feed into one component.

– You will be able to track the popularity of each of your social media activity.

– Allow you to monetize live feeds, which is great for internet marketers.

 How Does It Work?

Is Merging All of Your Accounts Together a Smart Idea?

There are a lot of technology blogs out there saying how great this social media attachment is going to be. Chances are, many of the people writing these blogs are not taking into consideration that Facebook opened our world up in 2014 to the federal government. The Government has access to any and everything we post on Facebook, meaning we have no privacy. Other social media sites, and many email companies have refused to allow the government to monitor our activity because they feel that human beings deserve some form of privacy.

Since Live Leap is endorsed by Facebook, once people install the Live Leap program and begin merging their accounts together to syndicate their information on their Facebook news feed, they are giving up the privacy agreements that are offered by each and every social media site and email website they are a part of. Since Live Leap also has access to your cell phone information, you will be surrendering the right to privacy on your phone too.


If you want to increase sales on your Facebook business, you should invest in the Live Leap tool as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity! After all, it is going viral and your competitors may have already got their hands on it. Don’t lose out to them!


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